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Aadishri Home Production(आदिश्री गृह उत्पादन)


Director & Founder
Mrs. Jayashri Joshi

Aadishri Home Product is a brand of Quality

Aadishri is a brand of Quality in instant food mixes today. We uphold our market value in a very dignified and sincere manner. Mainly we categorize our food products into 4 - Instant Powder, Masalas, Peeth and Bhajnaya We deal in about 35 types of food mixes like - Upwasacha Bhajnaya, Nachni Satva, Methkut, Chatnaya, Thalipeth, Chakli, Satupeeth, Anarsa, Nachni, Jeshtmadh, Sundh, Jeere, Meere, Veeldode, Zaifal, Sambhar Masala, Garam Masala, Chaha Masala, etc.Such a total no. of 35 food items with 102 SKU are duly processed, neatly cleaned & packed in the best quality of packing.Read More


We Gave a Best Quality Product!

While reaching to the Apex of the popularity, Aadishree has gone through many hurdles & pass through it by implementing the basic principles of market i.e., Quality- Rate- Service (QRS) & with the help of this trio, Aadishree has established the stability & sustainability in the market. While reaching up to this phase, Aadishree had faced many ups & downs, good & bad experiences. But with the optimistic view, Aadishree analysed & overcome all these situations & that is the plus point of Aadishree people.


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